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Crypto Secure YouTuber $80,000 Scam Accusations Involving Exchange


Famous Indian crypto influencer, Crypto Aman YouTuber, has made a shocking claim that he was conned out of $80,000 (75 lakh in INR) by one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the industry, With an established presence of eight years in the crypto field, Crypto Safe YouTuber boasts a large following and has been instrumental in changing the lives of hundreds of people. Now, he is seeking justice for himself and aims to set an example for the rest of the crypto community.

On May 15, 2023, Crypto Aman YouTuber deposited 3365 ORDI tokens from Unisat decentralized wallet to his wallet. At the time of deposit, these tokens are worth around $80,000 (75 lakh in INR). However, to his dismay, when he checked his account after two hours, he found that the token had not been credited. Despite numerous attempts to contact customer support, he received nothing but repeated responses, urging him to “be patient”.

In an effort to solve the problem, Crypto Safe YouTuber created a support ticket, clearly explaining the details of his deposit. Surprisingly, customer support claims that they have not received any tokens from their side. In disbelief, he verified the transaction on the blockchain, which confirmed that the transfer was complete an hour after he initiated it. Determined to find a solution, Crypto Safe YouTuber seeks help from fellow YouTubers, who attempt to contact customer support on his behalf. Astonishingly, representatives confirmed that the transaction was invalid, and to back up their claim, they showed a screenshot of the experimental website ordiscan, a platform they themselves deemed unreliable. They even refuse to verify transactions through alternative trusted platforms like Unisat, Ordinals. com , Blockstream , or .

Crypto Aman YouTuber then contacted Unisat, who confirmed that had indeed received the funds. He shared screenshots of chats with Unisat as proof, but customer support remained adamant, refusing to top up his account with 3365 ORDI tokens.

Left with dwindling hopes, Crypto Safe YouTuber turned to Twitter as a means of hitting the Gate. io . He created a detailed thread, provided evidence to support his claims, and tagged his Twitter handle and Indian Gate Twitter handle. Subsequently, the support team responded, assuring him of a resolution, and he is currently awaiting his refund.

The support team now alleges that the transaction was unauthorized and has been cancelled, promising a refund within a week. This raises a crucial question: how can a transaction that has already occurred be reversed? Moreover if the transaction gets cancelled then how can they refund my 3365 tokens.

$80,000 loss (75 lakh in INR) worth of ORDI tokens representing the Crypto Safe YouTuber’s life savings, earned through his hard work and dedication. Its fight against serves as a rallying cry for the crypto community, urging individuals to stand up for what is right and hold centralized exchanges accountable.

Crypto Safe YouTuber has attached a screenshot of the relevant conversation and provided a valid link to support his claim. For further clarification or questions, please contact him directly. The intention is to shed light on centralized exchange practices and ensure a fair and just outcome for all those affected by the incident.

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