Podcast Beyond Biotech 46: International Clinical Trials Day


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May 20 is International Clinical Trials Day.

ECRIN, the European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network, is a non-profit organization that supports the implementation of multinational clinical trials in Europe. Based in Paris, France, this organization launched International Clinical Trials Day (ICTD) in 2005 to commemorate the day when James Lind began his clinical trials on scurvy in 1747, on 20 May.

ECRIN is holding an event, both in-person and online, on Monday, May 23, called Decentralized Clinical Trials: challenges and opportunities. While the physical event in Warsaw, Poland, was full, Online registration can be seen here.

International Clinical Trials Day is also supported and promoted by various charities, companies, and organizations, such as the 13,000-member Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP), which is the only non-profit organization solely dedicated to representing, supporting, and advocating for clinical trials. clinical research professional.

Special Podcast: insights and conversations on International Clinical Trials Day

To celebrate the day, we have two interviews on this podcast about the importance of the event and clinical trials in general. We spoke with Dr. Michael Dunne, chief development officer and chief medical officer of the Bill & Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute, and Kelly McKee, vice president, decentralized clinical trial (DCT) and patient registrar at Medidata.


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