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Coinbase Launches National Advertising Campaign to Promote Crypto’s Role in Financial Modernization

Coinbase, the leading United States crypto exchange, will launch a new national advertising campaign called “Moving America Forward.” In a recent blog post, Coinbase outlined its ambitious plans to highlight the critical role that cryptocurrencies will play in modernizing the global financial system.

The campaign, featuring Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, will kick off with a series of four eye-catching ads. This commercial will primarily air during the popular Sunday US television show and will also appear during commercial breaks from the NBA Finals series, ensuring maximum exposure.

Coinbase emphasizes the need to update the global financial system and underlines the risk of global economic leadership and national security of the United States if the country relinquishes its role in building cutting-edge financial technologies such as crypto and blockchain. The campaign will also highlight the adoption of crypto and blockchain technology in countries such as China.

The four ads in the campaign are titled “The History of Money Initiative”, “Stand With Crypto Day”, “Real People Using Crypto for Real Needs”, and “The State of Crypto Summit”. Each commercial will premiere four weeks apart, captivating viewers with their unique message.

“The History of Money Initiative” will take viewers on a captivating journey through the timeline of currency history, from the bartering system in 10,000 BC to the rise of cryptocurrencies today. To complement this ad, Coinbase will visually document the historian’s work through a wallscape campaign on Wall Street and an eye-catching “armored cash truck turned mobile billboard.”

“Stand With Crypto Day” will promote an upcoming lobby-focused event hosted by Coinbase. Set to take place on July 19 in Washington, DC, the event will bring together members of the crypto community who will be advocating for crypto-friendly policies with their respective members of Congress.

The last two ads, “Real People Using Crypto for Real Needs” and “The State of Crypto Summit,” will show how individuals are leveraging cryptocurrencies to pursue economic freedom. Additionally, Coinbase will be holding a landmark event in New York City on June 22, to coincide with the ad’s release.

This campaign follows Coinbase’s previous advertising efforts, such as the YouTube video “It’s Time to Update the Financial System” and the Super Bowl ad featuring a scannable QR code that directs users to the BTC giveaway promotional page.

Coinbase is also intensifying its lobbying efforts, demonstrating a commitment to shaping the future of the crypto landscape. Establishing a Global Advisory Council, composed of former US lawmakers and industry leaders, further highlights Coinbase’s dedication to navigating the growing complexities of the crypto industry. Additionally, the company launched a grassroots political campaign “#Crypto435” earlier this year to amplify the voice of crypto users in all 435 congressional districts.

With these developments, Coinbase shares have gained 7.56% in the last 24 hours, reaching a trading price of $61.07 at the time of writing, as reported by Google Finance.

In conclusion, Coinbase’s “Moving America Forward” campaign will captivate audiences nationwide, highlighting the critical role cryptocurrencies play in modernizing the global financial system. By leveraging captivating advertising and strategic events, Coinbase aims to drive wider crypto adoption and advocate for favorable regulatory policies, cementing its position as a key player in the industry.

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