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AMBER Robotics launches Lucid-1 NOW! Ultra-light 7-axis Robot Arm with Intuitive AI controller, perfectly matched to Robot’s real arm, seductively simplifies Robotics Development.

AMBER Robotics, a leading robotics development and innovation company, has launched its newest product, AMBER Lucid-1, a 7-axis portable robotic arm with intuitive AI driving. This new technology simplifies the development and operation of robotics and accelerates the creation of films and vlogs by providing a suite of easy-to-use features.

„A lightweight robotic arm, should weigh 3kg or less,” said the CEO of AMBER Robotics. „AMBER Robotics introduces Lucid ONE, a game changer for humanoid arms. Weighing only 3.2kg, it can carry up to 1.5kg and offers a built-in visual recognition interface and 7-axis flexibility. This new technology enables greater agility and agility, making Lucid ONE ideal for the manufacturing, healthcare, and service industries. Get ready for a significant impact on the future of robotics.”

Need your humanoid robot to have a pair of flexible arms? Don’t hesitate, Lucid ONE will be your first choice to achieve it.

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Designed for industrial co-bot, filming, capture & placement, spraying, sculpting, laser engraving, 3D printing, etc., the AMBER Lucid-1 offers industrial features such as drag-to-teach, gravity compensation, collision detection, and avoidance. With its original track planning algorithm and high reliability, AMBER Lucid ONE takes away the complex challenges of robotic filming and automation.

AMBER Lucid ONE comes with many external IO devices such as force control gripper, magnetic connector with camera, smartphone, sucker, laser pen and more, making it the perfect choice for any robotic project.

Additionally, AMBER Lucid ONE is compatible with ROS2, RViz, Moveit2, and features native track planning and editing tool, visualized drag-to-program software, AMBER Robot Studio.

For film studios and vloggers, AMBER Lucid ONE offers a highly efficient feature, “Just a Snap,” which can help automatically plan the trajectory and angle of a camera robot in as little as 10 minutes, saving artists up to 24 hours or more.

AMBER Robotics is also offering a unique Kickstarter promotion, with over 50% off during the campaign.

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About AMBER Robotics: AMBER Robotics is a leading robotics development and innovation company focused on providing easy-to-use, intuitive solutions for customers across a variety of industries. The company’s newest product, AMBER Lucid ONE, is a portable robot arm with intuitive AI drives, simplifying the development and filming of robotics.


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