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qBraid Has Now Open Sourced Their SDK

That qBraid The SDK can convert quantum circuits between Qiskit, Cirq, Amazon Braket, PyQuil, PyTKET, and OpenQASM, and send jos to IBMQ backend or Amazon Braket supported devices. This includes access to 15 QPU devices from IonQ, Oxford Quantum Circuits, QuEra, Rigetti, Xanadu, and IBM, as well as 8 on-demand simulators from AWS and IBM. For those who already have AWS and IBM Quantum credentials, they can use their own credentials and submit work using them. For those without AWS or IBM credentials, they can get account with qBraid and submit jobs to qBraid’s Quantum Jobs facility without the need for an additional access key. The ability to change programs between different platforms and try programs on different backend devices gives users a good way to compare results and see which one works best for their application. Additional information about the qBraid SDK is available in LinkedIn announcements Hereuser guide is located HereGitHub page containing the demo Hereand a GitHub page with Python source code Here.

May 26, 2023


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