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May 25, 2023Hacker NewsBrowser Security / Technology

Browser Security

In today’s digital landscape, browser security has become an increasingly pressing issue, making it important for organizations to be aware of the latest threats to browser security. That’s why the LayerX Browser Security platform is hosting a webinar featuring guest speaker Paddy Harrington, a senior analyst at Forrester and lead author of Forrester’s browser security report “Securing Browsers in a World Everywhere”.

During this webinar, Harrington will be joined by the CEO of LayerX, to discuss the emerging category of browser security, the landscape of browser security risks and threats, and why addressing browser security can’t wait anymore. The webinar will also cover browser security solutions, explaining their pros, cons, and differences, and how organizations can work more securely on browsers. Additionally, this session will focus on using browser security solutions as a cost saver for security teams.

Participants will also get an exclusive opportunity to learn from the 2023 Annual Browser Security Report written by LayerX. Report insights highlight that securing modern endpoints means securing browsers, as applications move to web delivery.

Understand the latest browsing risks and threats

This webinar is ideal for anyone interested in learning more about browser security, including security decision makers, IT professionals, security analysts, and anyone else responsible for protecting their organization’s sensitive information. This webinar is also perfect for those who want to stay up to date with the latest trends and best practices in browser security. Whether you work for a small business, large corporation or government agency, this webinar will offer valuable insights into the importance of browser security and how to protect your organization from the latest threats.

Learn about browser security is especially important in today’s digital landscape as web browsers are no longer used just to browse your favorite sites. They have become the main tool for working in business applications, creating new security challenges for enterprises. With sensitive data accessed through browsers, it is important to ensure that users are who they say they are and that their actions within the browser cannot compromise an organization’s security.

By understanding the latest threats to browser security, IT professionals and security decision makers can implement solutions that protect their organizations from unauthorized access, malicious content, and other security threats. Investing in browser security solutions can also help organizations save costs while ensuring a more secure and user-friendly web browsing experience for employees.

How to Choose a Browser Security Solution

In the webinar, guest speaker Paddy Harrington will discuss current approaches to browser security, including endpoint security, enterprise browsers, RBI solutions, and browser extensions. He will dive into the pros and cons of each. For example, why do endpoint solutions provide a simple, but not always sufficient, line of defense; is it a good idea to have the enterprise browser as a separate browser; and how browser extensions offer an ever-expanding feature set.

He will conclude by discussing the security benefits of browsers and by offering security leaders a succinct list of recommendations on how to work securely in browsers and what they can expect from users.

Then, the LayerX CEO will share exclusive insights from the annual report. For example, how many browsers are actually misconfigured (the percentage is higher than you think), why SaaS is a growing risk factor, and how many of your employees install risky browser extensions, to name a few.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the experts about browser security and the latest browser-based threats. Sign up today to reserve your spot and join the conversation between LayerX and Forrester guest speaker Paddy Harrington. Register here.

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