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From Edison to LED: The Science and Story of the Source of Light

If you’re wondering how we managed to grow from a simple light bulb to an energy efficient LED, stop your hesitating now. Delve into From Edison to LED: The Science and Story of the Source of Light to embark on a fascinating journey to see how the earliest attempts at inventing electric light resulted in the multi-billion dollar industry that relies on today’s light-producing devices. In the book, renowned author and expert, Dr Faiz Rahman, explores the fascinating journey of the development of light-emitting devices from the 19th century to the present day. This book offers the reader a systematic exploration of the advances that have shaped the transition from simple light bulbs to energy-efficient LEDs.

Dr Rahman’s expertise shines through throughout the book, from his exploration of Edison’s incandescent light bulb to the latest advances in light-emitting diodes. By introducing the basic physics of light as an electromagnetic phenomenon, this book ensures a solid scientific foundation for further journeys. Expect to see coverage of both common light sources and some very unusual light sources. Written in an interesting style and full of in-depth explanations, this book will greatly increase the knowledge of any reader. While some of the technical sections may require deeper understanding, most of the content is accessible to high school students and highly recommended for young aspiring scientists.

Discover the fascinating journey of light sources in From Edison to LEDs. This book takes the reader on a fascinating journey, covering almost all of the major techniques known for producing light. Spoken in eight chapters, this book traces the startling developments in the science of optics and electromagnetic radiation. It chronologically describes the stories and technologies that accompany common and uncommon light sources, focusing primarily on visible light. Devices that emit invisible radiation are also covered for completeness. Not only do we learn about the basic scientific principles and engineering behind various devices, we are also introduced to the brilliant minds behind their creation. With richly illustrated stories, this book uncovers rare illustrations and captivating anecdotes.

For readers wishing to explore the realm of optics, this book will foster a deep appreciation of electromagnetic radiation in everyday life. It offers a comprehensive understanding of light generation and utilization. This will enable the reader to understand the transformative potential in various fields. Overall, this is an urgently needed volume to be read by all scientists and engineers, and an absolute must-read for those directly involved with the light business in any way.


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