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Get ready for the next wave of digital change at The Quantum Computing Summit


Gain a competitive edge through access to the content and strategies that will accelerate business success this summer.

The disruptive potential of quantum computing is becoming a reality at an unprecedented pace, but few events acknowledge the reality of how it plays out for commercial businesses.

London Tech Week quantum computing event – Quantum Computing Summit – returns this June to provide a place for quantum end users to meet and connect with partners actively working on scaling quantum computing and solving challenging business problems.

Prepare for the next wave of digital change with sessions exploring the ‘questions we should ask’ with Philip Intallura, Global Head of Quantum Technologies, HSBC; Ilana Wisby, CEO, Oxford Quantum Circuits; and Ellen Devereux, Quantum Computing Consultant, Fujitsu.

Or attend technical workshops to investigate topics such as ‘quantum machine learning’ or ‘metrology for scaling superconducting circuits’. With teachers like Chloe Ai, Quantum Researcher of Vodafone and Manognya Acharya, Quantum Technologies Research Scientist from the National Physical Laboratory.

The event will also host a ministerial announcement on the UK’s Quantum Computing Strategy.

As revenue from quantum computing is expected to grow at a CAGR of 32% from 2019 to 2030, reaching £2.54 billion ($3.5 billion) by 2030, there is enormous potential in unlocking this transformative technology.

Quantum Computing Summit London takes place at London’s Tobacco Dock (14-15 June) and has been designed to provide the business and technical insights to do just that.

Access knowledge from leaders who will present quantum computing in a way that enables department leaders and product managers to secure investment, support stakeholders, and enable them to move forward with pilot programs. See you there!


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