Direct Drive Linear Stages for Automation and Laser Processing

Auburn, MA- PIa leading manufacturer of air cushions and precision motion systems offers two economical series of high performance direct drive linear stage modulesnamely the V-855 and V-857 product families.​​​​​​​​​​

Image Credit: Physics Instruments (PI)

The direct drive stage is specifically designed to meet high load, high duty cycle industrial precision movement applications, where conventional actuators employing leadscrew or timing-belt drives fall short in terms of accuracy, robustness and reliability. Utilizing a frictionless, maintenance-free high-speed linear motor, this linear motion system enables increased productivity with reduced cycle times and faster return on investment. Its superior performance makes it ideal for high-performance applications that demand smooth scanning motions, minimal tracking errors and fast turnaround times.

Video: V-855 / V-857 Performance and Operation

Videos showing different performance and configurations are available Here”
Multi-Axis Configuration
Available with travel ranges from 200mm to 800mm, the linear modules are designed for easy configuration allowing multi-axis assemblies, and medium and compact gantry setups, all supported by an EtherCat based motion controller.

High Resolution Linear Encoder, High Load, Fast Acceleration
Direct drive linear stages provide high load capacities of up to 220lbs (1000N), and long travel range of up to 32”. The integrated linear encoder provides resolution down to 1 nanometer. Absolute gauge encoder is also available.

Acceleration is as fast as 5G and a top speed of 196”/s (5m/s) is achievable. Due to the free-play and attack-free direct-drive mechanism, the completion time is very short, and the two-way repeatability is excellent.

High Performance Industrial EtherCAT Based Motion Controller
PI provides high performance industrial motion controllers based on EtherCAT – up to 8 axes can be operated from a single 19” rack and EtherCAT makes it very easy to add more.

Field of Application
Laser processing, micro-machining and welding, 3D printers, precision industrial automation for the electronic assembly of sensors, cameras and optics. Non-contact metrology and inspection (X-ray and optical). Semiconductor wafer processing and inspection.

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