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Revolutionary Crowdfunding Platform For AI Startups, InQubeta launches QUBE Presale


Mahe Island, Beau Vallon, Seychelles, May 31, 2023, Chainwire

InQubetaa pioneering platform in the crypto crowdfunding space, is proud to announce the launch of its innovative ecosystem backed by QUBE token. Designed to revolutionize the investment landscape for AI startups, InQubeta offers users the opportunity to participate in crowdfunding campaigns on its NFT marketplace.

InQubeta stands out in the blockchain industry by providing a dynamic environment for users to support and invest in AI startups using the QUBE token. Through the platform, every registered startup is converted into an NFT and fractionalized, allowing investors of all sizes to participate. Once funding is successful, investors can share the startup’s profits through returns paid out in QUBE tokens. The whole process is transparent, secure and powered by the power of blockchain technology.

To ensure the best quality and value for investors, InQubeta maintains strict vetting procedures for startups wishing to register on their NFT marketplace. In addition, the platform equips investors with valuable resources, including insights from experienced stakeholders and AI technology experts, enabling informed decision making through comprehensive research and analysis.

The heart of the InQubeta ecosystem lies in the QUBE token, the ERC-20 utility, and the governance token. QUBE gives holders access to invest in AI startup projects listed on the platform’s NFT marketplace. With deflationary properties, QUBE token provides long-term profit potential for investors through a 2% trade-in tax allocated to burning wallets and a 5% sales tax directed to the prize pool. Additionally, QUBE token holders actively participate in governance, shaping the future of InQubeta by contributing to key proposals.

Safety is a top concern, and InQubeta takes it seriously. QUBE tokens have undergone extensive security audits by leading firm Hacken and KYC verification by Block Audit, providing peace of mind to investors and ensuring user funds are protected from potential breaches.

Currently, QUBE tokens are available in a presale phase, offering investors the opportunity to purchase tokens at the lowest possible price directly from the official InQubeta website. The presale is designed to be investor friendly, with a minimum investment amount of $50, making the QUBE token accessible to everyone. Supported payment options include but are not limited to ETH, USDT, BNB, BUSD and BTC. After the pre-sale, QUBE token holders can stake their assets via the InQubeta staking dapp, to earn potential rewards from the trade tax allocated to the prize pool.

InQubeta’s cutting-edge crowdfunding ecosystem, impressive tokenomics, and commitment to security position it for success in the evolving AI investment landscape.

To join the InQubeta presale, please visit inqubeta. ai

About InQubeta

InQubeta is a crypto crowdfunding NFT marketplace that allows users to invest in AI startup projects using QUBE tokens. Through its innovative platform, InQubeta aims to revolutionize the investment landscape for AI startups, providing investors with a transparent and rewarding experience.


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