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SEALSQ CEO Carlos Moreira on Post-Quantum Computing, AI & Semiconductors



Last week, The Quantum Insider reported on that SEALS Q — a company focused on the development and sale of semiconductors, PKI and Post-Quantum technology hardware and software products — announced that it has started trading its common stock on the Nasdaq Global Market.

Following this announcement, CEO Carlos Moreira joins Caroline Woods of TD Ameritrade Networkto discuss how SEALSQ combines quantum-resistant cryptography with AI while discussing the role of post-quantum microprocessors in data and communication security.

The first question asked to Moreira was simple, what exactly does SEALSQ do?

“So, Quantum is coming. We are about three to four years into having quantum computers and once they arrive, these amazing capabilities will destroy every crypto in existence,” said Moreira, adding that you have to get microchips ready to be quantum.

Moreira says that when you have a quantum computer, a quantum-ready semiconductor will be able to defend against attack and everything else will be available to compromise.

“Imagine the consequences, algorithms like RSA, like Triple DES, they will all be compromised once you have a quantum computer and some of them are clearly in the hands of the wrong people,” said Moreira.

IoT world

SEALSQ’s CEO believes we need to sustain the IoT environment, as it connects seven trillion chips as we move forward and connect everything to the internet.

“If you don’t have security on the chip,” he continues, “quantum computers will be compromised, so it’s very important to protect our infrastructure developing these next-generation types of microchips — this is what we’re doing at SEALSQ.

The question for Moreira was about the benefits of SEALSQ in terms of securing this space.

“Imagine you connect things in your home, you connect IoT devices, your thermostat, your smart fridge, devices without microchips, security will be available to hack, and simply you have one of those devices which is not secure, then hackers will find it and it will compromise any other infrastructure, whether it’s in your home, whether it’s in an airport, whether it’s in a medical facility in a hospital, so the consequences are very serious because the probability of penetration on unsecured infrastructure is very, very high,” said Moreira, although quite candid. to admit that the market doesn’t exist at this point.

“I mean,” he continued, “we just connect things like cell phones. But, as I mentioned before, there are trillions of things to connect, and embedded security at the chip level is critical.”

He also said that many connected objects don’t even have chips, before saying that SEALSQ-supplied semiconductors now connect security in drones, satellites, cars, routers, medical implants, all of which are easily compromised without that security.

As a sign of the times, TD Ameritrade Network asked Moreira how much of a growth driver AI was for her company.

Role of AI

“We need to use AI to prevent cyberattacks from happening on specific devices,” says Moreira, “so all the analytics, all the exabytes of data that we collect, are then processed by the AI ​​algorithms that we use as a way to determine predictability analysis where these objects are going to be. at risk, do you need any maintenance on the object, will the object shut down due to a power failure so all the predictability analysis is done by the AI ​​algorithm.”

He also mentioned the fact that the AI ​​will be augmented and become much more powerful once quantum abilities reach a certain point.

The river becomes a lake

“Quantum computers have unlimited quantum power and that means you will be able to process the processing capabilities of very complex AI algorithms, for example, to discover new cancer drugs or find solutions to environmental disasters,” said Moreira, pointing out in the process that the good news is that the technology convergent. “You now have blockchain, AI, quantum, IoT, cybersecurity, merging among themselves like a river into a lake and that’s the most efficient way to use AI when you have legacy integration coming into your enterprise like it was with SEALSQ.”

As well as talking about quantum and AI, Moreira argues for taking back control of semiconductor fabrication centers.

“We are a French company with very strong penetration in Europe. (…) We believe semiconductors will grow very quickly here because the United Nations has reached the conclusion — which is also the conclusion of the European Union — that we need to get rid of dependence on semiconductors for state manufacturers,” said Moreira. “I mean you need to develop semiconductors at the national level.”

Moreira acknowledged that doing such a thing would reduce the risks that many countries are currently facing, especially in the West.

“One day, we envision Taiwan being attacked or there are geopolitical problems in the region, and the entire semiconductor industry will be shut down,” Moreira said.

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