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Sony Embraces the Future: Invests in Web3, NFT, and Metaverse Startups


Through a groundbreaking incubation program, Sony, a well-known Japanese enterprise giant, is making aggressive inroads into the realms of Web3, non-fungible token (NFT), and the metaverse. Sony hopes to stimulate creativity and accelerate the evolution of this new technology by working closely with Astar, a Japanese smart contract platform and blockchain developer.

Startale Labs, a Web3 startup recognized for its frequent engagement with Astar, is a partner in the initiative. This major endeavor was spearheaded by Sony Network Communications, a Sony subsidiary specializing in IT solutions and software development. The three companies announced the opening of their incubator programs in February, encouraging companies worldwide to apply for financial and technical assistance in all phases of growth.

The field has now been whittled down to 19 cutting-edge ideas from an initial pool of 200 apps. The initiative will take part in the highly anticipated “demo day” in mid-June when potential investors will be able to speak with representatives from each of the applicant’s businesses. This event promises to be fully immersive, taking place in the real world, most likely Tokyo, and the metaverse.

One of the applicants, Cosmize, will host the metaverse event at a facility built on the Astar blockchain. Another possibility, Snickerdoodle Labs, will issue NFT tickets for the event, giving the gathering a sense of exclusivity. Sony has issued invitations to “major enterprises” interested in metaverse, NFTs and Web3 investments to attend this historic event. Session leaders from global venture capital firms and Web3 startups will provide attendees with unique insights into the future of this technology.

In addition, the event provides guidance on business strategy and technology, ensuring that the brightest businesses are fully supported to thrive in this fast-changing industry. Sony Network Communications will use its vast resources to forge profitable partnerships and accelerate the development of these companies.

Sony’s foray into blockchain-powered solutions started in 2020 when the company tried out various apps for its pop group following. Based on this experience, Sony’s strategic emphasis fits with the vision of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, who identified Web3, metaverse, and NFT-related companies as important drivers of the national economy.

This creative company promises to make great strides in revolutionizing the Web3 domain, NFTs and the metaverse with Sony’s funding and assistance. All eyes are on Sony as they lead this exciting new era of digital technology and experiences as the world awaits demo day in June.


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