Bart Hoogenboom Appoints New Head of R&D

We are excited to announce that world-renowned AFM expert Bart Hoogenboom will be joining Nanosurf as the new Head of Research and Development, starting in July. With an impressive academic background and significant experience building state-of-the-art scientific instruments, Bart is poised to make a significant impact on the future of our company.


​​​​​​Image Credit: Nanosurf AG

Bart is currently Professor of Biophysics at University College London (UCL), where he will maintain appointments to help ensure the completion of various research projects. Originally trained as a solid state physicist, he has pioneered the AFM method for biological applications, resulting in the visualization of the double helix of DNA, in new approaches for studying pores through and transport across membranes, and in high-resolution imaging of living bacteria. To learn more about Bart’s background and research, visit

Many may know of Bart’s passion for building and developing state-of-the-art scientific instruments, particularly in the AFM realm. In his new role, he will again have the opportunity to engage in this passion, and push Nanosurf’s technological capabilities and innovation to new heights.

Bart shared his enthusiasm for his upcoming new role, stating, “I am thrilled to be joining this dynamic company, which I have followed with great admiration for the past 10 years. My passion for building and advancing AFM has driven my decision to join; I really want to push the boundaries of this technology far beyond what it is today.”

We are confident that Bart’s extensive experience, cutting-edge research, and commitment to innovation will prove invaluable to our R&D department. Bart, welcome to the Nanosurf Family!

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