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PQShield Partners with Tata Consultancy Services and eShard on Post-Quantum Cryptographic Products


PQ Shield is a UK-based company formed in 2018 that specializes in providing post-quantum cryptographic products and services. They have been major contributors to the NIST PQC standardization project and other standards efforts and have significant IP in hardware and software cryptography. Their deal with Tata Consulting Services (TCS), a leading IT consulting firm, will allow them to support TCS clients looking to migrate to post-quantum cryptography. As TCS has engaged with many major companies around the world, this agreement will help PQShield increase its range of products and services. eShard is a French company that analyzes and validates the robustness of cryptographic systems side channel attack. They will evaluate PQShield’s technology to ensure that it is resistant to such side channel attacks. PQShield has posted a news release announcing this collaboration and it is accessible Here.

May 31, 2023


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