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Tesla introduces additional robots and refreshes its AI-trained robot army.


The Tesla bot showcased its ability to perform tasks similar to those performed by people by moving items from one container to another.

Tesla has launched a new video featuring its Tesla Bot, which can now be seen picking up objects, moving steadily, and identifying objects. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, showed the video to attendees of the company’s shareholder meeting.

Important improvements to the Tesla Bot project are highlighted in the video. This includes improved motor torque control, object handling capabilities, and artificial intelligence (AI) training based on human-tracked movements. But more importantly, Tesla’s staff will no longer be required to help humanoid robots walk a straight line.

In one presentation, the Tesla bot takes items from one container and drops them into another container, demonstrating possible applications for robots performing human-like tasks. This activity illustrates how human demonstrations can be used to train an AI bot.

The humanoid robot initially launched in October at Tesla AI Day 2022. At that time, the robot’s internal organs were visible and could barely move. A second, more complete version is also shown, but requires staff support to stay upright.

Internet users had mixed reactions to the new clip, with some praising Tesla for their achievement and others threatening to attack the robot if they saw it on the street.

The demonstration of the new robot comes days after Musk announced his retirement as CEO which was made known on Twitter. On May 11, Musk said he would take on the role of executive chairman and CTO at Twitter, turning his attention to the company’s operations for its products, software, and systems.

As the next CEO of Twitter, Linda Yaccarino will replace Musk. The billionaire said on May 12 that he is excited to collaborate with Yaccarino to turn the platform into “X, the everything app”.

Tesla’s post introduces additional robots and refreshes its army of AI-trained robots. first appeared on BTC Wires.


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