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POLARISqb Launches QuADD, a Quantum-Powered SaaS Platform for Drug Discovery


Diagram How to QuADD POLARISqb. Credit: POLARISqb

Discovering new drugs has traditionally taken decades and cost millions of dollars. The reason is when a company might have a library of potential drugs of about 1030 candidate molecules and want to test which one is most effective with a particular protein-binding pocket and ligand. Previously this was done by empirically testing candidates in the laboratory or computer aided drug discovery (CADD) using a conventional computer. Lab testing is very expensive and time consuming while the CADD approach is also very time consuming. POLARISqb now provides a quantum based approach that uses a quantum annealer to speed up the simulation by about 1030 candidate molecules and reducing the number of candidate compounds to something in the order of 1000 – 10000 compounds which will show an optimized pool based on pocket binding, bioavailability, synthesizing ability and other descriptors. The QuADD process will usually take 1-3 days. This reduction in the number of candidates makes it easier to move on to the next step, which is testing in the lab. QuADD is now available to users on subscription-based SaaS platforms. A press release from POLARISqb announcing the release of QuADD is available Here.

June 3, 2023


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