Finalist and #ICRA2023 award winner


In this post we bring you all the finalist and award-winning papers presented during 2023 Edition of the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA). Congratulations to the winners and finalists!

ICRA Outstanding Papers 2023

ICRA Outstanding Automation Paper 2023

ICRA Outstanding Student Papers 2023

ICRA Paper 2023 Outstanding Deployed Systems

ICRA Outstanding Dynamics and Control Paper 2023

ICRA Outstanding Health and Medical Robotics Paper 2023

ICRA Extraordinary Motion Paper 2023

ICRA Extraordinary Manipulation Paper 2023

ICRA 2023 Outstanding Mechanisms and Design Paper

ICRA Outstanding Multi-Robot Systems Paper 2023

ICRA Outstanding Navigation Paper 2023

  • IMODE: Real-Time Incremental Edged Density Mapping Using Neural Fields, by Matsuki, Hidenobu; Sucar, Edgar; Laidlow, Tristan; Wada, Kentaro;.
  • SmartRainNet: Uncertainty Estimation for Laser Measurements in Rain, by Zhang, Chen; Huang, Zefan; Tung, Beatrix; Ang Jr., Marcelo H.;. (WINNER)
  • Online Whole Body Movement Planning for Quadrotor Using Multi-Resolution Searchby Ren, Yunfan; Liang, Siqi; Zhu, Fangcheng; Lu, Guozheng;.

ICRA 2023 Outstanding Human-Robot Interaction Paper

ICRA Extraordinary Planning Paper 2023

ICRA Outstanding Robot Learning Paper 2023

ICRA 2023 Paper on Exceptional Censorship and Perception


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