Startups to unveil cutting-edge point-of-care technology in Boston


June 2, 2023


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Startup to unveil cutting-edge point-of-care technology at the Boston medtech event

Medtech and life sciences entrepreneurs and investors who are forging the future of healthcare will come together Tuesday, June 6, to showcase pioneering technologies and grow the region’s medtech ecosystem.

The 2023 Pitch Point of Care Showcase and Event will be a free in-person program starting at 2pm at Mintz, 1 Financial Center, 40th Floor, Boston, to introduce innovations to improve the well-being of patients with heart, blood, lung, and sleep disorders.

The event will be hosted by the UMass Center for Advancing Point of Care Technologies (CAPCaT), a business incubator funded by the National Institutes of Health. The center is housed within the Massachusetts Medical Development Center (M2D2), a joint venture between UMass Lowell and Worcester-based UMass Chan Medical School. M2D2 assists entrepreneurs with all aspects of moving new products and technologies from the drawing board to market.

“This year, our main session will feature Dr. Maria Berkman, head of medtech for Broadview Ventures, and V. Kadir Kadhiresan, vice president for venture investments at Johnson & Johnson, in what we expect to be small talk on entrepreneurship in biotech,” said Bryan Buchholz of UMass Lowell, professor emeritus of engineering biomedical. Buchholz directs CAPCaT with David McManus, MD, Professor Richard M. Haidack and chair and professor of medicine of the Department of Medicine at UMass Chan Medical School, where he is the founding director of the digital medicine program.

Entrepreneurs from five companies developing innovations in point of care will present their findings to a panel of experts. Startups and products that received funding from CAPCaT this past year include:

  • VoluMetrix A new method of noninvasive blood flow analysis for heart failure patients
  • Medical VPGs – A suite of medical-grade, video-based health monitoring software

for mobile devices and personal computers

  • Brainstem Biometrics – A specific, non-invasive way to measure basic brainstem function
  • InfraredRx – Innovations for managing peripheral arterial disease
  • General Prognostics – Technology to remotely monitor blood biomarkers

“The CAPCaT collaboration between UMass Chan and UMass Lowell has supported more than 30 small technology companies on their journey from idea to product. By helping these companies to conduct meaningful clinical trials and providing access to patient perspectives, physician feedback, and a community of entrepreneurs, we have rescued some good ideas from dead ends and have shortened the time it took for others to get their products commercialized.” McManus said. “We are excited to host our fourth annual Point of Care Pitch 2023 Event and Showcase featuring five CAPCaT point-of-care testing (PoCT) startups. Join us and open the doors of large enterprise/small enterprise strategic partnerships and provide funding opportunities.”

Creating dynamic networking opportunities for attendees, the event venue is within walking distance of the Boston Convention Center, which will welcome hundreds of entrepreneurs, researchers and other funders working in the medtech sector and sustainability justice to the 2023 BIO International Convention, starting Monday, June 5 to Thursday, June 8.

Since its founding in 2007, M2D2 has inspected more than 250 medical device and biotechnology businesses and supported more than 100 startups. In total, M2D2 resident companies have secured more than $150 million in external funding for their innovations.

Individuals interested in attending CAPCaT events should register here.


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