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Spheroid Universe Coin to be Listed on MEXC Exchange

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, June 5, 2023, Chainwire

Spherical UniverseThe futuristic metaverse that augments real worlds in every part of Earth, announced that their token, SPH, would officially become registered on MEX today, June 5th.

Founded in 2018, MEXC (also known as MEXC Global) is a fast-growing cryptocurrency exchange with over 6 million users in over 200 countries, including the US, UAE, Canada and Australia. MEXC is regularly featured as one of the top exchanges globally for trading volume. The exchange offers one of the widest ranges of cryptocurrencies with over 1,500+ coins listed on the platform. It brings a wealth of experience that makes the list of top performing tokens, with the reach only a handful of exchanges have in Crypto, helping the Spheroid Universe go global.

This move follows the recent launch of ChatGPT-powered artificial intelligence (AI) Avatar that will inhabit the world around us through augmented reality (AR). These breakthrough developments will provide breakthrough opportunities across multiple business platforms – from e-commerce and retail to advertising, sales, general customer and consumer engagement, and more.

Commenting on the announcement, Andrey Almiashev, CEO, Spheroid Universe said: “Our token launch on MEXC will put SPH firmly on its trajectory for growth and will bring bandwidth in line with our aspirations for Spheroid Universe – placing Spheroid Universe as a leader in the metaverse project, and the entire Extended and Augmented Reality industry.”

Spheroid Universe aims to be the battle-tested AR/XR platform across the web3, XR/VR, and metaverse industry landscape, ultimately helping define the internet experience of the future.

Brands and organizations looking to create immersive digital experiences will look to Spheroid Universe as a place where they can truly demonstrate innovative experiences.

About Spheroids

Spherical Universe (Spheroid), an Extended Reality Metaverse company. It is a platform for developing Extended Reality projects. The technology base for this platform is the Spheroid XR Cloud and the Spheroid Script programming language designed for AR/XR creation.

SPH is the native token of the Spheroid ecosystem that drives platform activity. It can be exchanged for Spaces (virtual landmasses of Spheroid Universes), used for advertising in AR/XR, placing content, and for various platform services. Among the products supported by SPH is Spheroid Earth – an open global project to create a 3D Digital Twin Earth.

For more details, please visit Spheroid Universe Official website or follow them Twitter And Instagram


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