Stages of Miniature Micropositioning


Auburn, MA- PI The M-110, M-111 and M-112 miniature linear stage families are designed for micropositioning applications where high resolution and repeatability are required with resolutions down to 0.05 micron (50 nanometers). Closed-loop servo motors with position encoder and economical stepper motors are available, as well as leadcrew and ballscrew drive options. 5mm, 15mm and 25mm travel ranges are offered.

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XY / XYZ Miniature Stages for Multi-Axis Positioning and Alignment Applications

The miniature design allows for extremely compact XY and XYZ multi-axis assemblies. The XY stage can be assembled from two miniature stages without the need for adapters. Corner brackets are available for XYZ stage assemblies.

Combination with XYZ Piezo Scanner for Fast Optical and Photonic Alignment

For the most demanding applications, where nanometer precision and high scanning speed are required, for example in optical and photonic alignment applications, a low inertia XYZ piezo scanner option is also available.

More information about Miniature Micropositioning Stages M-110 / M-111 and M-112

Application for Miniature Micropositioning Stages

​​​​​​Miniature stages are designed for applications such as precision micro assembly, laser inscription, microscopy, alignment of optical and mechanical components.i am american


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