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Toshiba Digital Solutions and Classiq to Collaborate on Gate-based Quantum Computing

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  • Toshiba Digital Solutions announced it will collaborate with Classiq on gateway-based quantum computing.
  • Toshiba offers quantum technologies such as quantum key distribution and quantum-inspired optimization solutions.
  • Classiq offers an easy-to-use gateway-based quantum computing software platform.

PRESS RELEASE — Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation (Toshiba Digital Solutions) and Classiq Technologies Ltd. (Classiq) signs a technology collaboration agreement in gateway-based quantum computing.

Quantum computers are a next-generation technology that has the potential to efficiently solve problems that conventional computers cannot solve or take a long time to solve based on the principles of quantum mechanics. Quantum computers can be broadly classified into two types namely Ising machine types and gate based universal computers. While the Ising engine specializes in solving combinatorial optimization problems, gate-based ones are aimed at general-purpose applications. Although gate-based is still in the development stage, it is expected to be applied to areas such as AI (machine learning), optimization and simulation in the future. However, software development in gate-based quantum computing requires advanced expertise on quantum circuit design.

Toshiba Digital Solutions offers quantum technologies such as Quantum Key Distribution and SQBMTM which are quantum inspired optimization solutions based on the Simulated Bifurcation Engine in conventional computers. In addition, Toshiba Digital Solutions takes a wide range of AI technologies including Toshiba AI “SATLYSTM” analytics and development achievements, and applies them to the industrial field.

Classiq delivers a user-friendly, gate-based quantum computing software platform that enables both novice and advanced designers to quickly generate, analyze, and execute quantum circuits.

In the agreed technology cooperation, utilizing the knowledge developed in the development of quantum technology and AI, Toshiba Digital Solutions will carry out technical evaluations of quantum AI, etc. using the Classiq platform. And based on these results, Toshiba Digital Solutions will explore various use cases that can be solved by gateway-based quantum computing in the fields of energy, social infrastructure, smart manufacturing, carbon neutrality, and circular economy, etc. in which the Toshiba Group has many years of experience. Classiq will support the exploration of TDSL use cases and optimize the platform for these industrial use cases.

Based on this collaboration, Toshiba Digital Solutions and Classiq will work together to create new value by leveraging gateway-based quantum computing for industrial customers across the businesses they serve.

Shunsuke Okada, President and CEO of Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation said, “We are very excited to have this opportunity to collaborate with Classiq in technology. We will create new value through QX (Quantum Transformation) together by combining the Classiq platform and the Toshiba Group’s quantum technology, AI and IT know-how developed over the years.”

Nir Minerbi, CEO of Classiq said, “We are very pleased to be collaborating with Toshiba Digital Solutions, a global technology leader. Classiq’s advanced quantum software platform combines with Toshiba Digital Solutions’ deep AI, IT know-how, and advanced technology expertise will be leveraged to explore and design advanced quantum algorithms that enable the industry’s Quantum Transformation (QX).

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