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XRP And OKB In A Downtrend, Tradecurve Reach A New Price Milestone


In early June, investors believed that XRP and OKB would surge in the next few weeks. While both performed well during the first few days of the month, XRP and OKB have declined in value following the new SEC lawsuit.

However, both of them still outperform most of the crypto market, which has seen a general decline of almost 10%. Meanwhile, Tradecurve has reached a new price milestone of $0.15 and is preparing for another price increase in June.


XRP Remains Stable Despite New SEC Lawsuit

With XRP already embroiled in a dispute with the SEC, its value has been relatively unaffected by the new lawsuit. In the last five days XRP has decreased in value by only 0.83%, while most projects are down by more than 10%.

At the same time, XRP’s daily trading volume soared to over $1.5 billion as investors showed their confidence in the project. Furthermore, XRP recently announced a new plan to help support the fight against climate change. XRP has allocated $100 million to support carbon removal, and will use the XRP Ledger to mark carbon credits.

By 2030, XRP hopes to reduce CO2 emissions by 500 million metric tons per year, which could help increase the popularity of the project. Even so, XRP’s performance is difficult to predict over the next few weeks. While some analysts believe that XRP will decline, others believe it could reach as high as $0.6 as more investors look to buck regulation.

OKB Down 4%

OKB is the native token of the Maltese cryptocurrency exchange Maltese OKEx. The exchange is the third largest in the world in terms of liquidity and fourth in trading volume, making OKB an undervalued token according to analysts.

Since the announcement of the SEC lawsuit, OKB’s value has decreased by 4.01% and is trading at $44.36 at the time of writing. Unlike XRP, OKB’s trading volume is falling, with less than $5 million of OKB traded daily.

If the OKB price recovers, its trading volume is expected to revive. However, many experts believe that OKB could decline as the threat of greater regulation threatens the exchange.

Tradecurve Hits New All-Time High

Tradecurve recently hit a new all-time high $0.015 after the second phase of sales sold out. The third stage has now started with a bang, the sale is over 55% round supply in just 10 days. This was a big win for the presale and shows that investors are really excited about what Tradecurve has to offer.

As regulatory threats drive many investors away from centralized exchanges, Tradecurve is in a position to offer a great alternative. As a decentralized hybrid exchange, Tradecurve allows investors to trade assets anonymously without having to pass KYC checks. So far, the growth has been so successful that Tradecurve’s presale is being compared to the Binance ICO, which started at $0.11 in 2017.

The Tradecurve trading platform will offer deep liquidity, fast execution and a wide range of assets including traditional assets which can be purchased using cryptocurrencies as collateral. It will also feature a metaverse trading academy as well as copy trading and AI subscriptions.

With the TCRV token it is expected to be successful $0.018 in the next few weeks, and as a result investors are buying faster than ever to capitalize on the potential 50x price increases before the Tradecurve presale ends.

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