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Classiq to Collaborate with Toshiba to Work on Toshiba’s Gateway-Based Quantum Processors


Toshiba Digital Solutions Company has been very active in quantum related technology research in the field QKD based network and a quantum-inspired optimizer named a Quantum Bifurcation Machine Simulation (SQBM+). They have also been working to develop a superconducting gate-based quantum processor. Last year, they issue a press release highlights the result of a high-performance design that incorporates a double-transmon coupler. To move this work forward, they will now work together Classic software to explore various use cases and how they can be optimized to run on the Toshiba platform. Classiq provides software that can take as input a high-level functional model and turn it into an optimized low-level quantum circuit that makes developing new applications much easier to develop. This approach can be applied to problems in the fields of quantum AI, optimization, and computational chemical simulation. The press release provided by Classiq announcing this new collaboration is accessible Here.

June 12, 2023


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