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QC Design Emerges from Stealth with Three Product Efforts Aimed at Fault Tolerance


QC design is a quantum architecture startup based in Ulm, Germany working on error-correcting architectures for fault-tolerant quantum computers. The company was founded in 2021 by Ish Dhand, a quantum computing researcher and former architecture team leader at Xanadu, and Martin B. Plenio, Professor Alexander von Humboldt and Director of the Institute of Theoretical Physics at the University of Ulm.

The first product they just announced is a software package called brochure which is a full-featured product that enables users to learn various quantum correction algorithms. This allows users to create their own error correcting code and allows users to study performance under various types of noise conditions.

Their second product push was to build a variety of different error correction architectures and license them to quantum hardware providers and end users for use in their own designs. Design QC has developed error correction architectures for photonics and spin qubit based systems and will likely more so for other modalities. Their business model is similar to ARM Computers creating scalable architectural designs for microprocessors and then licensing them to others.

And lastly, their third product effort is creating a Fault Tolerance and Quantum Error Correction module that has been incorporated into the IQM Academy. This module will teach participants about error correcting codes and stabilizer formalism and then how to implement a decoder that can sense and correct errors.

The company has created separate news releases announcing each of these products. News releases for Plaquette can be found here Herea release for their error correction architecture license program is available Hereand the third release announcing the Fault Tolerance and Quantum Error Correction modules for IQM Academy can be seen Here.

June 12, 2023


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