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QuantWare and Quantum Machines Partner to Provide Pre-Configured QPUs with Associated Control Electronics and Software

QuantWare is pursuing a unique business model for the quantum industry that is somewhat similar to Intel’s approach of providing microprocessor chips to the personal computer industry. Rather than building its own quantum processors and offering quantum cloud services, QuantWare focuses on developing its own QPU (Quantum Processor Units) chips and then selling those chips to end users who use them to build their own systems. QuantWare argues that this allows those end users to achieve access to a quantum machine for one-tenth the cost of purchasing from an outside vendor.

But still, building your own quantum processor from individual components is still challenging. In addition to the QPU chip itself, someone would need to source dilution refrigerators, control electronics, software, and other stuff, then seamlessly integrate the individual parts together to achieve a functioning quantum computer. To make it a little easier, QuantWare partners with Quantum Machine to provide a pre-configured package that incorporates 25-qubit QuantWare Alto QPU together OPX+ Quantum Machine electronic control along with them Through pulse level programming language. The integration will include Quantum Machines routines to auto-calibrate QuantWare chipsets so that users do not have to do this work manually which can take several days.

Additional information about the partnership between these companies is available in the news release provided by Quantum Machines available Here.

June 13, 2023


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