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Kipu Quantum Collaborates with Pasqal to Work on Custom Hardware Optimized Software Solutions for Pasqal Hardware


Kipu Quantum is a German quantum software company that specializes in developing hardware-specific algorithms for specific use cases. By focusing on this rather than taking a more general approach, they believe they can provide more efficient and faster quantum solutions that can provide quantum advantages in machines that will become available in the near future. Pascals is a French quantum hardware provider that has developed neutral atomic processors with 100 qubits with plans to have 1000 qubit machines by 2024. The main attribute of Pasqal machines is that they are capable of working in digital gate-based or analog mode.

The analog mode is based on creating similarities between the physical problem the user wishes to solve and the strengths and properties of neutral atoms in the substrate. Think of it the way a model airplane in a wind tunnel can mimic the airflow forces of a full-sized plane flying across the sky. Analog mode is less common than quantum suppliers and cannot universally solve all quantum problems, but is less affected by noise and Pasqal believes that it may be able to provide quantum-advantaged solutions earlier than purely digital modes.

So the two companies have signed a two-year agreement for Kipu Quantum to develop solutions to the problem that can run on Pasqal’s short-term computers with a particular focus on exploiting analog modes in Pasqal processors. There are far fewer quantum software companies working to develop solutions based on analog mode so the focus on this by Kpu Quantum and Pasqal could give them a competitive advantage.

A news release announcing this partnership has been posted on the Pasqal website with some additional information and you can access it Here.

June 13, 2023


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