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Benjamin Cowen Predicts Ethereum (ETH) Collapse Against Bitcoin (BTC) – Here Are the Prospects


Renowned crypto analyst Benjamin Cowen has raised concerns over the potential collapse of Ethereum (ETH) compared to Bitcoin (BTC) amid signs of weakness in the altcoin market. In a recent strategy session, Cowen, with a large following on YouTube, warned his subscribers that the ETH/BTC pair could see a significant drop of more than 45% from its current value.

Ethereum, the world’s second largest cryptocurrency by market cap, may have a challenging road ahead in its competition with Bitcoin, according to leading crypto analyst Benjamin Cowen. Known for his insightful market analysis and large YouTube subscriber base, Cowen recently shared a strategy session warning his followers of the potential collapse of Ethereum relative to Bitcoin.

Cowen pointed out that the ETH/BTC pair could see a substantial decline of more than 45% from its current value of 0.066 BTC, the equivalent of around $1,650. Citing a series of lower highs in the short term, Cowen acknowledged that Ethereum has shown a pattern of higher lows in the long term. However, he emphasized that the current trend points to the need for a deep retracement before any recovery rally is likely.

Renowned analysts believe that the key to establishing a more reasonable bullish trend lies in the 0.036 BTC level, implying that a potential recovery can be expected from that point. Cowen emphasizes the importance of completing corrective moves before considering any potential rally for the ETH/BTC pair. Whether the Ethereum/Bitcoin valuation is seen as an oscillator bound to return to BTC’s 0.019 level or potentially upside in the future, Cowen argues that a short-term dip is likely needed to ensure its eventual trajectory.

While Ethereum has been gaining significant attention and popularity as a platform for decentralized applications and smart contracts, Cowen’s analysis raises alarm for investors and enthusiasts alike. The altcoin market, including Ethereum, has shown signs of weakness, requiring careful observation.

Cowen’s insights have attracted a large following due to his track record of accurate market predictions. Thus, his warning about the possible collapse of Ethereum compared to Bitcoin has sparked discussions within the crypto community. Traders and investors are keeping a close eye on the ETH/BTC pair and its next corrective move, eagerly awaiting completion of the current price dynamics.

Benjamin Cowen, a widely followed crypto analyst, has issued a warning about the potential collapse of Ethereum relative to Bitcoin. His analysis points to a significant drop in the ETH/BTC pair and highlights the importance of corrective steps before speculating on a potential recovery. As the altcoin market shows signs of weakness, Cowen’s insights serve as a valuable reminder for investors to remain vigilant and closely monitor the market dynamics between Ethereum and Bitcoin.


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