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QCNorway Releases Position Paper with Recommendations for Norway’s Emerging Quantum Strategy


Organizer of QCNorway the workshop has written a position paper with recommendations for Norway’s emerging quantum strategy, with quantum computing as a key component. Published on June 8, Contribution Towards Norway’s Quantum Computing Strategy is now available for download in English with a free Norwegian version available later this month.

Computing and computer science served as a meeting point for the authors of this paper, despite their different scientific backgrounds, and is based on presentations and discussions at and after the QCNorway: Towards a Norwegian Quantum Computing Strategy open workshop held in Oslo on 7 November– 8 , 2022

The authors are as follows:

  • Magnus Bruaset and Shaukat Ali (Simula Research Laboratory)
  • André Brodtkorb, Sergiy Denysov and Sølve Selstø (Metropolitan University of Oslo)
  • Gunnar Boe (Sigma2)

Currently, there is no national strategy or related investment to develop Norway’s expertise in quantum computing through education, research and business creation. Therefore, the country faces an immediate threat to enter the technology race that can redefine digital society and digital business development given the enormous momentum in quantum computing and quantum technology worldwide and in neighboring countries.

This paper appears to be a realization of that threat and is a kind of call to action for the country’s quantum future.


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