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Q-CTRL Creates Free Boulder Opal Quantum Control Software for the Academic Community


Opals Q-CTRL software designed for quantum hardware developers, testers, and researchers (as opposed to end users) who wish to optimize the performance of quantum hardware by characterizing it, designing robust error controls, simulating quantum dynamics, and using AI techniques to automate hardware calibration and tuning . It includes an automatic trial scheduler which automatically schedules the calibration process to activate the processor at short intervals. Some AI-based optimization software can be very computationally intensive Q-CTRL also provides a cloud-based platform to perform these calculations. Q-CTRL provides this software to the academic community free of charge to help accelerate their research efforts. Additional information about this offer can be found in a blog post on the Q-CTRL website Here. Also, an overview page explaining the features of Boulder Opal is available Here.

June 16, 2023


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