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Quantinuum Introduces Quantum Origin Onboard to Generate Quantum-Computing-Hardened Encryption Keys for Connected Devices


Quantum Origin Onboard Operations Diagram. Credit: Quantinum

In any encrypted communication system, having a high entropy encryption key is essential to achieve maximum security. Many systems break because an attacker can guess the key if it has some inherent weakness and break into the system. An encryption key based on non-deterministic quantum mechanics can provide the best key because a quantum system is probabilistic and it is impossible to predict exactly what a quantum system will do.

In December 2021, How many announced its Quantum Origin product which is a Quantum Random Number Generation (QRNG) service that provides fully non-deterministic random numbers generated on its H-series quantum processors. These random numbers can be used as cryptographic keys to provide organizations with added security compared to other methods, such as software-generated pseudo-random keys. The QRNG service is based on the Quantinuum cloud service so whenever a user needs a new random number, they will request it through the service and it will be sent to them.

Quantinuum has now taken the next step and developed a derivative product they call Quantum Origin Onboard. In some applications, especially embedded devices, it is inconvenient to always rely on a cloud service to give you the next random number whenever you want to generate a new encryption key. So the difference is that it generates a direct random number to use as an encryption key, Quantum Origin Onboard generates a random seeds. This seed is then sent only once to Quantinuum provided software which will reside on the end user’s system and will then be mixed with additional random information generated in the user’s system. This process eliminates the need to request new keys via the cloud each time a new random number is required to generate the encryption key. The solution requires no hardware and software changes and can be easily integrated with the Linux Kernel or the OpenSSL module.

Additional information about Quantum Origin Onboard is available in the press announcement Hereweb page Hereone-page overview sheet Hereand solution guide Here.

June 17, 2023


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