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Quantum Based Companies Enter XPRIZE, Top 100 Private Deep Tech Companies List Bessemer Venture Partners


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  • PsiQuantum, XtalPi and Xanadu are the quantum representatives on the newly released XB100.
  • The XB100 is a ranking of the world’s top 100 deep technology companies.
  • The list was commissioned by XPRIZE and Bessemer Venture Partners.
  • Image: XPRIZE, Bessemer Business Partner

Three quantum-based companies are registered at XB100a ranking of the world’s top 100 private technology companies, a list commissioned by XPRIZE And Bessemer Business Partners.

PsiQuantum, XtalPi And Pen is Quantum’s representative on a list of deep tech companies spanning nine technology sectors in — Agriculture, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Aviation, Climate, Mobility, Next Generation Biotech, Quantum, Robotics, and Space — and features well-known figures, such as OpenAI and SpaceX.

PsiQuantum and Xanadu are both photonic-based quantum computer startups and XtalPi, number 89 on this list, uses quantum physics and artificial intelligence for drug discovery and development.

PsiQuantum is placed at 67 on the list and Xanadu is listed at 92 on the XB100. The jury put XtalPi at 89.

Businesses are evaluated based on four criteria: impact on humanity, judgment, scientific difficulty and commercial appeal.

The jury includes:

  • Anousheh Ansari: Astronaut and CEO of XPRIZE
  • Emily Calandrelli: Science Communicator, Author, and Emmy-nominated TV Host
  • Lori Garver: Co-founder of the Brooke Owens Fellowship and former Deputy Administrator at NASA
  • Ray Johnson: CEO of the Technology Innovation Institute and former CTO of Lockheed Martin
  • Stacy Kauk: Sustainability Expert
  • Ray Kurzweil: Author, Inventor, and Futurist
  • Tina Seelig: Executive Director of Knight-Hennessy Scholars at Stanford University

According to a blog post about the listing, the average company on the XB100 has been in existence for 9.2 years, has raised, on average, $801 million in capital, and is valued at $4.4 billion. A total of 84 are unicorns, or are worth over $1 billion. .

In terms of a list of technology readiness levels — or TRLs — quantum is at the forefront of the deep technologies covered in the XB100.

“The company category with the lowest TRL was quantum computing, with a TRL of 4, while the company category with the highest TRL was robotics and mobility, each with a TRL of ~8.5,” according to a blog post on state of deep technology.

TRL 4 is the level at which a technology has achieved “component and/or system validation in a lab environment”.

However, quantum computing is included in the list because of its potential to solve the world’s greatest scientific and commercial challenges, according to the post.

“When quantum computers reach “quantum superiority,” the point where they are powerful and stable enough to outperform classical computers at solving problems of commercial value, they will revolutionize the pharmaceutical, logistics, financial services, automotive, and other industries,” they wrote, adding , “For example, if deep-tech companies do succeed in building commercial quantum computers, there’s no need to worry that the market is more than big enough and customers will demand to use them.”

you can read about XPRIZE and State of Deep Tech Bessemer Venture Partner here.


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