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Auburn, MA – LASER is the world’s most important conference on the advancement of lasers and related applications, founded in 1973. PI will present new solutions for photonics and laser processing based on air cushion, magnetic levitation and high performance linear stages with 3-motors phase and piezo drive.​​​​​​

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Innovation Talks

This year, a special highlight awaits visitors at booth PI A3/461: Get inspired by engaging presentations on the latest technological developments in precision motion control and positioning to shape the markets of the future.

On Tuesday, June 27, and Wednesday, June 28 – the first two days of the trade show – the following talks will take place:

  • 10 a.m Intelligent Actuator and Drive Technology for Active Damping and Vibration Compensation
  • 11 am Particle Free Operation Using Magnetic Levitation Technology
  • 1 p.m Surface Shaping with Smart Piezo Actuator and Drive Technologies
  • 2 pm New Learning-Based Control Algorithm for Unprecedented Motion Performance
  • 3 pm Modular and Simple Control Platform to Manage Different Types of Drives and Applications

The talks are 15 minutes each, followed by a question and answer session. We look forward to seeing you there and hearing about your challenges!

Enjoy Tech Talks at PI Booth at LASER World of PHOTONICS


Watch the video:

Can’t get to Munich? You can see a variety performance automation, photonics, and nanopositioning applications covered by PI system technology.

Another way to learn about the latest motion control technology is to sign up with one of us precision motion design webinar.​​


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