Indium Corporation to Show Products for HIA and SiP at CHIPcon


As an industry leader in innovative materials solutions for heterogeneous integration and assembly (HIA) and fine-pitch system-in-package (SiP) applications, Indium Corporation® will be showcasing innovative products designed to meet the evolving challenges of HIA and SiP at the Chiplet and Heterogeneous Integration Packaging Conference and Exhibition (CHIPcon) hosted by IMAPS, July 24-27, in San Jose, CA.

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SiPaste product of Indium Corporation® series are specially designed for fine feature printing with fine powders ranging from Type 5 to Type 8. They help Avoid Vaccinations®, reduces slump, and exhibits consistently superior printing performance. Newly released award winning SiPaste® The C201HF offers the same superior printing performance with the benefit of having chemicals that can be cleaned with semi-aqueous based solutions.

As the industry leader in no-cleaning semiconductor flux, Indium Corporation will present NC-809, the market’s first low-residue no-residue ball mounting flux. NC-809 is a dual purpose flux, engineered with high tack characteristics for flip-chip applications and with superior wetting properties for ball-attach applications. This material is designed to hold the die or solder ball in place without the risk of shifting of the die or movement of the solder ball during the assembly process.

The NC-809 is designed to leave minimal residue after reflow at Indium Corporation’s proven ultra-low residue flip-chip flux levels (ULR), such as the NC-26S and NC-699. NC-809 is the first ULR flux qualified for ball grid array mounting applications for packages sensitive to traditional water cleaning processes. The NC-809 also improves throughput by eliminating the costly cleaning step which can increase media curvature, both after reflow and before the underfilling step, creating the potential for die damage and cracked solder joints.

Indium Corporation will also be showcasing Indium12.8HF, an award-winning halogen-free solder paste formulated to be compatible with a wide range of micro-dispensing and jetting systems. Indium12.8HF provides outstanding deposition performance, and its unique oxidation barrier promotes complete powder incorporation during reflow to eliminate clumping and similar reflow problems.

Additionally, Indium Corporation will be featuring QuickSinter®, a paste with a high metal content, redefining sintering technology. Available in both pressurized and non-pressurized formulations, this portfolio of sintering solutions results in products engineered for a customer’s specific application needs. The company’s range of Thermal Interface Materials, including Heat-Spring®m2TIMand Liquid Metal Paste will also be featured.



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