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IonQ and QuantumBasel Partner to Deploy Two Generations of IonQ Quantum Systems in Europe

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  • IonQ announced a partnership with Swiss-based QuantumBasel to co-build a European quantum data center.
  • This partnership is expected to bring two quantum systems systems to QuantumBasel.
  • QuantumBasel will offer the uptownBasel ecosystem, including companies, research institutes, startups and universities, direct access to the IonQ system.
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PRESS RELEASE — IonQ (NYSE: IONQ), a leader in the quantum computing industry, today announced a partnership with Swiss-based QuantumBasel to co-found a European quantum data center. The transaction is expected to bring two systems, one #AQ 35 capable followed by another #AQ 64 capable system, at the location of the Competency Center for Quantum & AI QuantumBasel.

“This is a historic deal for IonQ and the quantum industry,” said Peter Chapman, CEO and President of IonQ. “At QuantumBasel, we have found a partner who aligns with quantum potential to address the world’s most complex challenges. At #AQ 35, we expect the first system we’ve submitted to QuantumBasel to be on the verge of exceeding what a quantum simulator is capable of on a classical computer. With #AQ 64, we believe even the best supercomputers will no longer be able to compete using full quantum simulation. We expect many applications to achieve quantum superiority at this scale, ushering in a new era in computing. This is the system the organization has been waiting for and we are delighted that QuantumBasel is joining us on this journey.”

With each additional #AQ, the useful computational space for running quantum algorithms multiplies. The #AQ 35 is able to consider over 34 billion different possibilities simultaneously, and #AQ 64 is able to consider over 18 trillion different possibilities simultaneously.

As part of this transaction, QuantumBasel will offer the uptownBasel ecosystem, including companies, research institutes, startups and universities, direct access to system #AQ 35, followed by system #AQ 64. With this system, IonQ and QuantumBasel anticipate 1 #AQ or algorithmic qubits is an application-oriented metric to assist industry in evaluating the utility of quantum computers in real-world settings. For more information, please visit our blog post here.
creation of new applications in fields such as logistics, finance, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, and artificial intelligence (AI).

IonQ will set up a quantum innovation center to assist research and development of next-generation systems in Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). This partnership will also enable IonQ to serve its European customers from a shared data center with QuantumBasel.

“We are pleased to partner with IonQ to drive quantum innovation in Switzerland and accelerate problem solving within our quantum computing ecosystem,” said Damir Bogdan, CEO of QuantumBasel. “Offering IonQ systems to our enterprise and research customers allows them to explore new quantum techniques and approaches. We look forward to seeing what new breakthroughs are possible as more people become more and more familiar with quantum powers.”
QuantumBasel is Switzerland’s first quantum hub for commercial use, embedded in the uptownBasel innovation campus.

This hub is funded by the family of Dr. Thomas Staehelin and Monique Staehelin. The 70,000 square meter site provides customers and researchers with workshops, training sessions and access to quantum systems to better understand quantum computing and drive progress toward commercial applications. A team of experts from international companies and organizations is on site. The hub brings together a wide range of partners, who are leaders in their respective fields, to optimally match use cases with technology.

“Having the IonQ system in place will accelerate and enhance our pursuit of quantum innovation, furthering our goal of achieving breakthroughs,” said Dr. Thomas Staehelin, investor and president of the uptownBasel board. “For example, biopharma is a key focus area for quantum computing. Partnering with IonQ brings us one step closer to improving the drug discovery process and running complex in silico simulations, ultimately broadening access to the treatments needed for today’s incurable diseases.”

“Quantum accessibility is a core business principle of IonQ, and we welcome partners and potential users to join us and become an integral part in the development of quantum algorithms and applications for various industries in the years to come,” said Noam Zakay, managing director, IonQ GmbH.

To learn more about how you can get started on the IonQ system today, please contact us directly at: https://ionq.com/get-access. For the latest updates from IonQ, please visit the IonQ blog, and for other business information, please refer to the IonQ website.

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