The TAGARNO Image Comparison App for Digital Microscopes is Changing Quality Control in Electronics

TAGARNO, a leading provider of digital microscopes, is pleased to offer its innovative Image Comparison App. Designed especially for digital microscopes, this intuitive application empowers users to create their own image library, enabling seamless and accurate comparison of products during quality control processes in the electronics industry.

Image Credit: TAGARNO

Quality control, especially during outgoing control, plays an important role in ensuring the final approval or rejection of electronic products. With the Image Comparison App, TAGARNO provides a powerful tool that simplifies and improves the PCB to gold sample comparison process. By leveraging the app’s features, operators can make decisions quickly and effectively.

The Image Comparison application allows users to choose between previously saved images or take and add new photos to the image library as needed. This flexibility ensures that operators have access to the most relevant images for comparison purposes. Using the application’s intuitive interface, the operator can view and analyze images in a variety of display modes, including side-by-side or alternate viewing at user-defined intervals.

“To achieve the highest level of quality control, it is important to have a reliable and efficient tool that facilitates accurate product comparisons,” said Jake Kurth, Country Manager, Americas at TAGARNO. “Our Image Comparison application is specifically designed to enhance the capabilities of digital microscopes, allowing users to easily create and manage their image libraries for seamless comparisons during the quality control process. We believe that this application will revolutionize the way electronic products are evaluated, saving time and increasing overall efficiency.”

To maximize the benefits of the Image Comparison App, TAGARNO recommends using the mouse for smooth navigation and control. For best results, users can also integrate keyboards and XY tables to further enhance their experience and precision.


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