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Entropica Labs, Atomic Computing Announces Strategic Partnership


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  • Entropica Labs announces strategic partnership with Atom Computing.
  • Entropica Labs is a quantum software development company and Atom Computing is an atomic array quantum computing startup.
  • The partnership will enable teams to collaborate on experiments, research, and the integration of quantum software and hardware technologies.

Entropica Labs, a leading quantum software development company, has announced a strategic partnership with Atom Computing, a pioneer in atomic array quantum computing, according to a blog post. This collaboration aims to accelerate the development and adoption of commercially viable quantum computing solutions.

According to the post, the partnership between Entropica and Atom Computing forms a robust framework for collaboration, enabling their teams to work closely together in areas such as joint experimentation, research, and the integration of quantum software and hardware technologies. The ultimate goal is to enable large-scale quantum computing with error correction that can unlock the full potential of quantum computing.

Tommaso Demarie, CEO of Entropica Labs, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stressing the importance of developing large-scale error-correcting quantum computers to fully realize the potential of quantum computing.

“At Entropica, we firmly believe that the full potential of quantum computing can only be realized through the development of large-scale, error-correcting quantum computers.” Demarie said, “That’s why we are excited to collaborate with the Atom team, who have decades of experience driving neutral atoms for quantum information processing and are dedicated to building massively scalable quantum computers. Together we strive to elevate the quality of quantum computing and provide developers and customers with the hardware and software tools they need to experiment with this technology.”

The vision of the two companies is to drive scientific discovery and technological innovation through quantum computing, according to the post. They are dedicated to building collaborative and productive partnerships that will accelerate the growth and development of the quantum ecosystem, making quantum computing more accessible to market participants and users.

Atomic Computing CEO Rob Hays acknowledged Entropica’s global leadership in quantum software development and its significant contribution to the quantum ecosystem in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region.

“Entropica has established itself as a global leader in quantum software development and the use of quantum computers to solve real-world problems for customers and collaborators,” said Hays, “The Entropica team has helped establish Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region as a critical quantum ecosystem — and continues to grow. We are excited to partner with them to develop solutions using our atomic array quantum computing hardware.”

The collaboration between Entropica Labs and Atom Computing holds great promise for advances in quantum computing. With a shared goal and commitment to pushing the boundaries of this cutting-edge technology, both companies are eager to explore the opportunities this partnership will create. Together, they aim to drive the advancement of useful quantum computing solutions and contribute to the growth of the quantum ecosystem.


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