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Pasqal to Establish a Quantum Manufacturing Facility in Sherbrooke, Canada

As part of its North American expansion, Pascals will set up a quantum computer production facility in a 50,000 square foot (4,600 square meter) building on DistriQ’s Espace Quantique 1 – Quantum Innovation Zone in Sherbrooke, Canada. The facility is scheduled to open in early fall 2023 and will be leased to build machinery for the North American market. Pasqal is a leading provider of neutral atom-based quantum processors with headquarters located near Paris, France. They have demonstrated the operation of their processor with as many as 300 qubits and plan to develop a system capable of up to 1000 qubits within the next year. Their processors support an analog computing mode that they believe will enable customers to achieve quantum superiority earlier. The company currently works with customers including BMW, BASF, Johnson & Johnson, Siemens, Airbus, LG Electronics, Thales and others. A press release from Pasqal announcing their plans for this new production facility is available on the Pasqal website Here.

June 22, 2023


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