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Infleqtion Wins a Grant from the UK Government to Develop and Manufacture the UK’s First Optical Atomic Clock


The grant is provided by British innovation, the UK’s national innovation agency, which previously announced it has awarded a total of £45 million ($57.7 million USD) to 49 different projects for research in various fields of quantum technology. Infleqtion UK, a subsidiary of Inflection, has won a project in the PNT (Position, Navigation, and Timing) category. The specific number of awards awarded to Infleqtion has not been announced. The company will use this funding to complete the development of an optical atomic clock that will have an accuracy rate far exceeding that of the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and have more than 50 times better frequency stability than the best commercially available atomic clocks of comparable value. size. Highly accurate clocks have significant potential for use in navigation where satellite-based navigation systems, such as GPS, are not available. It is also useful in situations where very accurate synchronization is required for certain activities, such as a robust power distribution system. Infleqtion will use the funds to expand its production capabilities in Oxford, UK for these quantum-enabled systems. A press release provided by Infleqtion announcing this award is accessible Here.

June 26, 2023


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