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Bitcoin Versus Nasdaq: Is Crypto At The Top Of The Chase?


The leading cryptocurrency is currently consolidating above $30,000 per coin, showing signs of potential for a rally after hitting local lows in 2023. Recent analysis comparing Bitcoin to the Nasdaq stock index suggests that the crypto asset may be preparing for a significant surge, chasing high-tech stocks. This article explores the evolving dynamic between Bitcoin and NDX, highlighting Bitcoin’s potential to outperform technology stocks in the near future.

The Gap Between Bitcoin and Tech Stocks:

While technology stocks have experienced a tremendous surge recently, Bitcoin is lagging behind in the overall recovery. Stocks like Nvidia have hit new all-time highs, and the Nasdaq stock index has returned to Q1 2022 prices, surpassing previous bear market levels. In contrast, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies show slower progress.

Immediate Reversal:

However, recent analysis suggests that the tide may be turning for Bitcoin. By studying the ratio between Bitcoin and NDX, a potential reversal of cryptocurrency performance is suggested. The weekly correlation coefficient between the two assets has strengthened, suggesting a closer relationship. This shift in correlation might signal an upcoming chase phase for the crypto market.

Exploring Unusual Analysis:

Traditionally, investors and traders have relied on standard trading pairs such as BTCUSD for technical analysis. However, advanced analytical methods involve studying the ratios between unrelated assets. For example, the gold to stock ratio helps investors determine when to switch between hard and soft assets. In this case, the BTCUSD/Nasdaq ratio chart shows Bitcoin’s potential for significant overperformance against technology stocks.

Potential Price Targets:

If Bitcoin catches up with the tech stock market, the digital asset could return to its Q1 2022 price. This would translate to a value of just under $50,000 per coin, representing a substantial increase from current levels. Such a surge will have a significant impact on the crypto market and attract more attention from investors.

Current analysis suggests that Bitcoin is poised for a higher explosive potential, as it catches up with soaring technology stocks. Studying the BTCUSD/Nasdaq ratio chart suggests that the underperformance of the crypto market may soon be reversed. Investors and traders should closely monitor this evolving dynamic to take advantage of potential market opportunities. As always, staying informed and seeking expert guidance before making an investment decision is very important.


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