Coating Technology Breakthrough to Accelerate Green Hydrogen Adoption

Oxford nanoSystems (OnS), an advanced materials technology company, today announced a major breakthrough in the race to lower the cost of producing zero-emission green hydrogen.

Image Credit: Oxford nanoSystems

OnS’s proprietary coating, nanoFLUX, increases the hydrogen production capacity of alkaline electrolyzers by more than 50%. This is a much lower cost than today’s advanced coatings. The coating will accelerate the transition to a hydrogen economy by radically reducing production costs. It also addresses the key challenges of making green hydrogen competitive against fossil fuels.

nanoFLUX, an advanced metal alloy coating applied to the electrodes, promotes the formation and release of gas bubbles inside the electrolyzer. This increases the overall process efficiency. This innovative coating has been combined with a proprietary catalyst that accelerates the hydrogen formation reaction.

An independent assessment conducted by E4Tech (part of the ERM Group), a leading international consulting firm focused on sustainable energy technologies, has confirmed the breakthrough cost-benefit advantages provided by nanoFLUX.

“We are pleased with the results of the external benchmarking analysis which demonstrates the potential of nanoFLUX,” said Dr Ian Russell, CEO of OnS. “The company is working with a number of leading electrolyzer manufacturers to test and, in due course, scale up nanoFLUX production to meet the challenge of significantly reducing the cost of producing green hydrogen”.


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