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Kipu Quantum and QuEra Partner to Create Solutions to Large Scale Optimization Problems


Kipu Quantum is the headquarters of a quantum software company in Karlsruhe, Germany focused on providing commercially useful quantum computing solutions in the near future using new algorithmic compression methods optimized for specific use cases and specific hardware architectures. want to is a Boston-based hardware company that develops neutral-atom quantum processors based on research from Harvard and MIT. The two companies will work together to provide solutions for large-scale optimization problems.

The specific techniques that Kpu will use for this include developing hardware-specific counter-diabatic methods as well as combining analog and digital coding methods to further compress the algorithm. They will also take advantage of QuEra’s Field Programmable Quantum Array (FPQA™) technology which allows users to flexibly position qubits at positions within the grid allowing coding of problem boundaries in a way not available with other gate-based systems.

QuEra has produced a 256-qubit machine which is available now through Amazon Brackets or directly from QuEra with more advanced versions in development. A press release announcing the partnership between the two companies is available on the QuEra website Here.

June 28, 2023


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