OGP Launches New Floor Model SmartScope E45 Multisensor Metrology System


Optical Measurement Products (OGP®), the world’s leading manufacturer of precision and optical multisensor metrology systems for industrial quality control, is pleased to announce SmartScope® E45, the floor model addition to the new SmartScope E-Series family of Automatic Digital Zoom Metrology Systems.

SmartScope E45 Multisensor Metrology System. Image Credit: Optical Gaging Products

​​​​​​​With the launch of the SmartScope E7 benchtop model in September 2022, OGP is reimagining their trusted SmartScope line to make it accessible for all skill levels and budgets. Together with the E7, the E45 features the latest prime lens IntelliCentric™ optical system – a full telecentric optical system that provides super-high-resolution images, well-suited for video edge detection metrology. Digital zoom allows for instant magnification changes, while a standard all-LED lighting system illuminates the scene from all angles. The E45 features a spacious stage for handling large parts or a variety of smaller parts.

Jim Stern, OGP Application Engineering Director, said, “SmartScope E45 combines innovative optical design, advanced camera technology, and OGP class-leading image processing algorithms. The E45 has the same feature size range as a mechanical zoom optical system, but without any moving parts, increasing system throughput and longevity. The IntelliCentric optical system delivers excellent optical performance at low zooms, with fantastic image quality, telecentricity and distortion free images.”

OGP is taking orders for the SmartScope E45 system now. More information, system specifications, and product videos are available at



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