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FTX Files Lawsuit Against Former Executive with Alleged Silent Payments


Crypto exchange FTX has taken legal action against its former regulatory and compliance executive, Daniel Friedberg, accusing him of making payments to prevent staff from divulging exchange issues. FTX accused Friedberg of acting as a “fixer” for co-founder Sam Bankman-Fried, making “secret money” payments to potential complainants.

FTX has filed a lawsuit against Daniel Friedberg, a former executive who held key positions at the exchange, including chief regulatory officer, FTX US chief compliance officer, and general counsel at Alameda Research. The complaint asserts that Friedberg played the role of a “fixer” for FTX co-founder Sam Bankman-Fried, making undisclosed payments to silence potential whistleblowers and prevent them from divulging information about regulatory issues and alleged close ties between FTX and Alameda Research.

In a 40-page filing, FTX filed 11 civil charges against Friedberg. The charges included breaching legal obligations, agreeing to fraudulent transfers, and facilitating questionable “loans” to other former FTX executives. The complaint seeks to recover compensation made to Friedberg during his 22 months on the exchange, including a $300,000 salary, a $1.4 million signing bonus, and an 8% equity stake in FTX US.

Certain details in the complaint, particularly regarding the amount paid to the complainant, have been redacted, underscoring the sensitivity of the matter.

The lawsuit highlights the importance of maintaining regulatory compliance and transparency in cryptocurrencies. FTX’s actions demonstrate their commitment to addressing potential errors and upholding the integrity of their operations. FTX aims to hold individuals accountable for their actions by pursuing legal avenues and strengthening a culture of ethical behavior.

As the case unfolds, how the legal process will impact FTX and its reputation within the crypto community remains to be seen. Transparency, regulatory compliance, and maintaining a strong breach reporting mechanism are critical to fostering trust and ensuring the long-term success of cryptocurrency exchanges.

FTX’s lawsuit against former executive Daniel Friedberg highlights allegations of hush money payments and the importance of maintaining transparency and regulatory compliance in the crypto industry.


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