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When talking about cryptocurrencies, one must know how to deal with them. The infrastructure built around crypto allows traders and investors to buy, exchange and sell cryptocurrencies efficiently. Using a number of options, crypto enthusiasts can securely access digital markets and assets.

What Is Instant Crypto Exchange?

StealthEX is a instant cryptocurrency exchange for unlimited swaps. It is a private platform that allows your private key to stay with you. This service offers various assets to its customers; You can buy crypto instantly by debit/credit card or exchange with one another. Currently, the crypto collection includes 1,000+ popular and rare cryptocurrencies, and the list is growing.

You can also buy crypto with fiat money: USD, EUR, GBP, TL, KES, ZAR, GHS, TZS, MXN, VND and BRL. Apart from that, this instant crypto exchange provides its users with the following features:

  • Floating or fixed exchange rate swap.
  • Competitive rates from various reputed providers are available.
  • StealthEX is completely transparent when it comes to costs.
  • 24/7 customer support. Most users have reported having their issues resolved within hours of initial contact with the team.
  • Anyone can buy a certain amount of crypto without KYC if it costs less than €700.

StealthEX Mobile App

StealthEX has created a user-friendly mobile app that allows its users to start crypto trading on the go. The app is accessible on the Google Play Store, and offers a number of useful features – exchange history, crypto watchlist, crypto rates, competitive rates and floating or fixed exchange rates. At the heart of the app is the all-encompassing StealthEX service, which makes crypto trading fast and easy.

Join the Affiliate Program from StealthEX!

If you are a content creator or community leader, you will find the StealthEX Affiliate Program very useful. This program from StealthEX offers four excellent options.

Public API

Thanks to the StealthEX public API, anyone can easily add a crypto exchanger to their website or even create their own exchanger. StealthEX can be easily integrated into any online application because the public crypto API is open to everyone. You can calculate your profit and costs which will change accordingly.

Referral Link

With Referral Links, promoters can benefit from unlimited cash flow. If you have a large audience, you can get a StealthEX referral link to recommend the platform to your followers and receive instant payouts from every exchange they make. It’s as simple as inviting your followers to exchange cryptocurrency with your affiliate link.

Widget Exchange

Some content creators prefer to build existing solutions into their platforms. For them, StealthEX has come up with a crypto widget. StealthEX’s convenient widgets are easy to customize. You can embed it into your website and take 0.4% discount on every transaction.

Buttons and Banners

For content creators or website owners who don’t have enough space on their pages to install widgets, StealthEX has come up with a number of stylish buttons and banners. Website or blog owners can design several of these, but they also come in several sizes and can be adapted to suit your space.

In short, making money with crypto exchanges is easy and can be done through a number of useful features. Product registration and integration with StealthEX is and will always be free.

StealthEX is your number one service to use whenever you need to buy or exchange crypto. Just go to to exchange between ETH and BTC and vice versa, privately and quickly. Exchanging crypto is that simple.


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