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BosonQ Psi Partners with Tech Mahindra to Create Quantum Use Cases for Industrial Applications


BosonQ PsiUS-headquartered Quantum Software-as-a-Service (QSaaS) startup with presence in India and UK will partner with Mahindra Tech Builder Lab to create use cases for various industries. Tech Mahindra is a large international IT consulting and services company headquartered in India with over $6 billion USD in revenue and over 152,000 employees. The company works with more than 1290 customers worldwide and can help unlock opportunities for BosonQ products. BosonQ Psi has developed a quantum powered simulation suite called BQPhy and will work to integrate it with the Tech Mahindra system. Market segments that the partnership will target to explore the possibilities of leveraging quantum computing include automotive, electric vehicles, life sciences, banking, financial services and insurance. Additional information about this partnership can be found Here.

June 30, 2023


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