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Who News: Management Updates at Quantum Computing Inc., HQS Quantum Simulations, and Infleqtion

quantizationa leading venture capital firm specializing in quantum technology, has recruited Dr Will Zeng as a new partner. Dr Zeng is currently the Head of Quantum Research at Goldman Sachs and has also been the founder and President Union Fund, a non-profit organization working to advance the quantum ecosystem. Previously he was one of the earliest employees at Rigetti Computing where he built and led software and application teams to launch the Forest quantum programming environment and Rigetti Quantum Cloud Service. Zeng will leverage his experience to identify, invest in, and mentor promising start-ups for the Quantonation portfolio. Quantonation has posted a news release announcing his joining the company on their website Here.

Quantum Computing Inc. (QCI) been promoted Chris Boehmler as the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Mr Boehmler started with QCI in 2022 as Controller and has more than 20 years of financial expertise at other companies including Bridgewater Associates, Intelsat, Booz Allen Hamilton and Credit Suisse. Chris Roberts, the company’s former CFO will continue to work with the company in consulting roles as General Counsel and Strategic Advisor. QCI’s announcement of this management change is available Here.

HQS Quantum Simulation has been appointed Michael Ball as Chair of its Advisory Council. He will assist the development of HQS Quantum Simulations software technology to ensure that it meets research and industry requirements. Dr. Bolle was previously CTO and CDO of Robert Bosch GmbH and has also worked with Schott, Zeiss Group and other companies. Announcement of his new role at HQS was included in a press release posted on the HQS website Here.

Inflection has announced it Jay Wisham has joined the company as an Executive Advisor. Mr Wisham was formerly the Executive Director of the Army Applications Laboratory (AAL) and has held multiple roles in both the defense and private sector over the last 25 years to develop emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, into Army-ready solutions. He will assist companies with strategic planning, partnerships and finding real-world applications for enterprise technologies in both the security and commercial sectors. Infleqtion’s announcement about his joining the company is available Here.

July 1, 2023


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