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WebX Conference Welcomes Distinguished Guests: Japanese PM, CEO of Yuga Labs, Kabosu (Doge), Desdemona (AI Robot)

WebXAsia’s leading Web3 conference (July 25-26), is pleased to announce the participation of more distinguished guests at this year’s event: Japanese prime minister Fumio Kishida, Yuga Labs CEO Daniel Alegre, Dogecoin dog Kabosu, and the innovative AI robot Desdemona (Created by Hanson Robotics, sister of Sophia the Robot).

WebX is a conference dedicated to bridging differences – Web2 and Web3, Japan and the UK, Japan and the rest of the world. Japan has the potential to become a Web3 Asia hub, and the inaugural WebX conference is both acknowledgment and a launching pad for that potential.

Prime Minister Kishida speaking at WebX underscored the Japanese government’s recognition of the importance of Web3 technologies in shaping Japan’s digital future. Their involvement signifies a strong commitment to driving technological advancement and fostering a profitable ecosystem for Web3 businesses.

Yoga Lab, known for his contributions to the NFT space and digital arts, will provide valuable insights into the intersection of blockchain, creativity and decentralized finance. Their presence on WebX reflects the growing prominence of NFTs and their transformative potential across the industry.

Kabosu, the beloved Shiba Inu known as Doge, will bring a touch of charm and humor to the conference. As an iconic figure in the crypto community, Kabosu’s participation highlights the fun and engaging aspects of Web3 technology.

Desdemona, an AI robot, represents the latest advancement in artificial intelligence and automation. Its presence in WebX demonstrates the symbiotic relationship between AI and Web3, and the potential for AI-based solutions to reshape industries and enhance user experiences.

WebX is honored to have these distinguished guests join us and contribute their unique perspectives to our extensive lineup of speakers. For the most recent list, please visit:

Why you should attend WebX:

It is produced by the largest crypto media outlet in Japan.

CoinPost’s credibility and deep insight into the industry will give attendees access to the latest trends and information, not to mention industry leaders and prestigious speakers.

This is an international conference held in Japan.

The fusion of Japanese culture and technology will offer all participants a unique experience, as it is an opportunity for Japan to show the world its role in the evolution of Web3.

Major Japanese game companies are participating.

Square Enix, known for Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, Sega, known for the Sonic and Yakuza series, and other household names will be discussing the integration of games and Web3.


Dates: July 25 (Tuesday) – July 26 (Wed), 2023

Venue: Tokyo International Forum

Expected number of exhibition companies: 150+

Expected number of media partners: 100+

Early Bird Registration Ends in 2 Days!

Don’t miss this opportunity to secure your spot at a discounted price. Register now on our official website ( to take advantage of the early bird offer.

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