What will happen in #RoboCup2023?


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This year, RoboCup will be held in Bordeaux, from July 4-10. The event will involve around 2500 participants, from 45 different countries to participate in competitions, training sessions and symposiums. You can see the schedule for the current week Here.

Leagues and competitions

The league competition will take place on July 6-9. You can find out more about the different leagues at these links:


The RoboCup symposium will take place on July 10. The program can be found Here.

There will be three main talks:

  • Cynthia BreazealSocial Robots: Reflections and Predictions of Our Future Relationship with Personal Robots
  • Ben Moran and Guy LeverLearn Agile Soccer Skills for Bipedal Robots with Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • Laurence DevillersSocio-affective robots: ethical issues

Find out more at event website.


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