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Robot-Blog | fruitcore robotics launches new operating system with integrated AI co-pilot: a big step in industrial automation for better efficiency, user friendliness and time


Constance, June 28, 2023 – fruitcore robotics take industrial automation to a new level with an innovative operating system that uses the latest AI technologies. With horstOS, industrial companies have new tools that assist them every step of the way in commissioning entire applications with HORST intelligent industrial robots while significantly reducing complexity. With integrated AI co-pilot, industrial companies can increase the efficiency of their production processes and save time. „Generative AI drives transformation in many task areas. This new technology will transform automation and give our customers a whole new automation experience,” said Patrick Heimburger, Managing Director (Chief Revenue Officer) of fruitcore robotics.

The new operating system from fruitcore robotics simplifies and speeds up the configuration and management of all the components involved in the processing, programming and operation of the finished application. All existing robot control systems, components and industrial processes are carried out through a user-friendly interface so that interactions can be realized more easily. horstOS basically consists of three interconnected areas: the component management area, the programming area, and the process control system area. These three areas provide all the functionality a user needs to set up and use an entire plant quickly, simply and efficiently.

In the component management area, users can seamlessly integrate and manage all components relevant to the overall plant, such as grippers, camera systems and safety systems, thanks to standardized interfaces. Adding components takes just one click and is possible for any component that has a web application or digital interface – regardless of the manufacturer. If status information needs to be queried for any of the connected components, settings need to be checked or changes need to be made, this can be implemented directly through the robots panel with horstOS as the central user interface. When users move on to the programming area, they find themselves in the intuitive horstFX operating software, where they create robotic program sequences with the integration of all components. Once a program sequence has been created, it can be started, stopped, or paused in a process control system. Process control systems also allow users to tailor process operations and monitoring to their individual needs and specific processes. Widgets can be used to display relevant process data, display the status of connected components, and access parameters that need to be adjusted frequently. It gives users complete control over their automation process.

Ask HORST Anything – AI Copilot helps in all phases of industrial robot life

„Our new operating system incorporates state-of-the-art technology and deep artificial intelligence integration. It sets a new standard for the rapid integration of industrial robots into processes such as machine loading and unloading, quality assurance, part separation or adhesive and sealant applications, says Patrick Heimburger. With AI Copilot on horstOS, users get an intelligent assistant that provides real-time support in natural language to successfully tackle automation challenges. Whether setting up robots and other components, troubleshooting or suggesting program blocks or even writing entire programs, AI Copilot enables users to quickly and accurately find solutions to their applications and keep operations running smoothly. For example, if a user wants to know how to pass the position of a part detected by the camera to the robot, he or she can answer this question to the AI ​​Copilot via a text prompt and receive the appropriate code block within moments.

The AI ​​co-pilot of fruitcore robotics is based on ChatGPT and has been specially trained for industrial conditions. It offers users comprehensive access to all relevant instructions, supporting content and software documentation of the fruit core robot. To provide users with an optimal user experience, the Constance-based company focuses on continuous improvement of Copilot’s AI capabilities.

Future-oriented automation with horstOS

The scope of horstOS is also expected to continue to expand in the coming years. The modular structure of the operating system already allows external software and services to be integrated effortlessly. User-specific software programs and interfaces from OEMs can also be seamlessly integrated. „Through horstOS, the future of automation becomes a new reality. The system offers extensive support, even for those with little knowledge, and significantly reduces the effort required for setup, operation and aftersales,” explains Jens Riegger, Managing Director (CEO) of fruitcore robotics. „Our intelligent industrial robots are not only designed to offer our customers the best return on investment in the robotics market. Especially against a backdrop of a ubiquitous shortage of skilled workers, they are also designed to help increase productivity and save valuable time,” said Jens Riegger.


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