Quantum Science Crowns ‘New to Export’ Champion


Infrared quantum dot (QD) technology specialist Quantum Science has been ranked among the UK’s top exporters at the UMi Northern Powerhouse Export Awards.

Quantum Science Crowns 'New to Export' Champion

Image Credit: Quantum Science

Quantum Science, the leading INFIQ pioneer® QD infrared technology, won the ‘New to Export’ category at the event Wednesday (June 28) from a shortlist of six businesses.

The category, sponsored by the UK government’s Department of Business and Commerce, recognizes companies that have been exporting for less than two years, as well as companies whose export practices contribute to the global Net Zero agenda.

EXPENDITURE® Infrared QD technology is currently exported to 10 markets worldwide including Japan, EU and the US, which have a particular interest in developing the shortwave infrared imaging sector.

This export deal gives the world’s leading semiconductor business access to Quantum Science’s advanced products and technologies, and has helped increase the business’ global customer base.

Dr Hao Pang, CEO and Founder of Quantum Science, said: “Despite the challenges in international trade in recent years, exports continue to be an important and growing part of our business. With an established presence in leading international semiconductor markets, Quantum Science has experienced tremendous success in exporting, and our win at the Northern Powerhouse Export Awards demonstrates the greater potential we have for growth in this area.

“This achievement is testament to the hard work of our team and the cutting-edge performance of our INFIQ infrared QD technology. With the market for SWIR imaging and sensing set to expand rapidly over the next few years, having high-performance infrared QD and QD solutions like the ones we position in leading markets will be critical. Our recent breakthrough in producing lead-free QDs sensitive to 1,550 nm brings access to this market even closer.

“I would like to thank the team at the Department of Business and Commerce for helping us on our export journey over the years, as well as my congratulations to all the other winners and highly commended participants at the Awards. This event demonstrates how much North England can contribute to the UK’s export growth potential, and we are delighted to be operating in such an attractive business landscape.”



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